Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exams Be Evil

Ugu... my life...
oh wait, what life?

Sorry anyone who reads this (Steve, I'm looking at you) But I've been kind of busy with school and stuff right now, what with exams and all. I'll be busy for a while "studying" (Read: playing Lost Odyssey) but I've got a break afterwards so I should be able to get back to complaining about the amount of ecchi in girls high.
Also its kind of nice that Crunchyroll's finally got back up to date on Shugo Chara. I wont go criticizing them because I think that its great that they've tried to take a step into making the bigger companies see that online streaming is indeed the way to go (Who am I kidding!? I want my free fansubs)
On another note I've also began watching Gunslinger Girl Teatrino and so far its more of a "meh" on the wow scale of things. I wont say I'm disappointed because its bad by any means, I just preferred how the first season did things

Edit: Gunslinger girl Teatrino is, in fact not "meh"
It's better

Friday, January 2, 2009

Girls high ~ episode 3, or "omigod, omigod can Ayano be anymore fetishy? (I hope)"

heh... cool... consistency...
Also just an FYI here, I'm currently watching gunslinger girl as well. I've finished the first dvd (yeah I BOUGHT it. Take that)
Girls high - Episode 3: Love, Deception and a love hotel?

Alrighty this one was kinda fun (kinda risque!)
The plot for this episode involves the dating party that himeji set up in the previous episode (yeah I'm learning the names kay?). Basically having not watched it all the way through yet (I watch half then blog half) it would appear that Ogawa is gonna get raped. cool.
The episode begins with what almost appears to be a superman parody ... which kind of seemed out of place, considering the subject matter of the show. I'm not entirely sure if it was a superman ripoff but that's the first thing that came to mind. So eventually the dating party gets together and the characters are paired up with *gasp* boyz
It almost seems like in this episode ALL the usual fan service has been channeled into Ayano. Perhaps 3 people read this blog: Me, Steve and Towa Oshima (hey Towa). I'm not really complaining at this, in fact I like it. Having experience in the moe genre, I was more so laughing at the parody of it though.

Ayano, you may have very well achieved the rank
of msn picture or possibly desktop background

so everyone's gathered together waiting for Ayano to show up... foolish Ayano, just dress...

...casually (incidentally, where the HELL did she get those cloths? ... 2164?)

Eventually Ayano does show up ... and (yay more pictures... yes this is very picture heavy because I'm not in the mood for writing)

see- a girl watches that and thinks
"what guy would want someone like that?"
I watch it and think "if only there were
real females were like that..."

So they end up kicking off this supah bitchin karaoke party. Which despite my prior comments about (read: supah, bitchin) it is quite the opposite.
now for more pictures,

Yes, this was a song. for the reference
it was only to 21 decimal places, and it was correct

It would also appear that Ogawa's guy is quite the player and has invited her to a love hotel. UH OH!
and probably Himeji too

Basically the episode:

All the girls are bored out of their mind,
Ogawa's almost get raped
Hime's and her boyfriend are leik SO thru
Ayano's found true love
Lonely otakus are lonely

Hey look, a plot!

... sadly its rather quick to explain: Ogawa owns this dude who's gonna rape her and then gives him some drugs which knock him unconscious because Ogawa is actually a big time dealer (heh...she deals big to make up for her height ... GET IT?)

Did I like the episode?

... yeah I did actually, I genuinely laughed a few times and found other parts funny. I also enjoyed the Ayano/Shimotakatami subplot
but seriously ... SHIMOTAKATAMI!? that's like... one epic tongue twister ...

also, the background music didn't piss me off this time either.