Friday, October 17, 2008

Kanon ~ FINAL POST ... the ending :..(

wow... its over... so sad...
"that was a week ago...a week that both filled me with joy and moved me to tears. I wont ever be able to forget that week, and I dont know if would want to if I could. a lot has changed since then, for the better?
I dont know... time will tell"

kanon~ final session
oooooooooooooooookay, thats what I get from too much kanon.
But there is truth in my ramblings, I did indeed finish kanon at about the begining of last week and it indeed moved me to tears (ehe... embarasing, yes)
-this being ayu's path-
It probably would have been a better idea to post when I actually compleated it instead of several days later, but since when did I ever do anything that was a "good idea"

so I'll try to refrain from spoiling it, in case someone ends up reading this and also is playing the game at the time
(chances are aprox. 1 in 4711.3333)

but I will say, I liked it more then clannads ending. One, it was longer, two it was sadder, three it was ... happier (cant explain unless you've played the game)

there was also the H scene, which was ... surprisingly tastefull.
As this was the first game I've played with one, I didnt quite know what to expect, but I needn't fear. I geuss the difference between this and a more western view on it, would be that in a western society its looked upon as a "dirtier" thing, while in this game its more "pure"
for instance, in a western game if it had SEX (hah! just got 20 more hits!) it would be a much bigger part of the game. I'm not saying that western developers are shallow, I'm just saying that if they put it IN they would do it in a shallow way.
And in that western game, the music would probably be the complete opposite too (t'would be funkehhh)
though Im not completely sure, as it was left untransilated and there was just about 30 blank text boxes to click though, but I was fairly sure it was an emotional scene*

well thats it for you people who dont want anything spoiled...
now ON TO THE IMAGES (no H ones, sorry!)

always with the weird angles


*snif* Im sad part one

*sniff* im sad, part two

*sniff* I'm sad part three

now, Im happy but still sad, but I'm happy
so still "sniff" I geuss

likewise, the same as the one above
but now ayu has a cool hat
(but you dont get to see it!)

* Edit 28/07/09: Nah, I've got the new translation now... Turns out that part wasn't written very well at all. That or the translators felt no need for any metaphorical tomfoolery.
In Welcome to the NHK, Satou proclaims that
"My brain simply wasn't equipped with the particular metamorphs used in erotic fiction" Seems like in this case it really didn't matter much

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is it alright to love those lolis? ~another half post

Ok let me just state, that lolita kinda freaks me out. they're cute; not hot. I can understand if people look at young anime girls (sometimes boys) when clothed, cause they often have that cuteness factor.

for reasons as to why I lack a picture...
see the above picture

lolicons are still sort of weird in my mind (though... I dono... maybe in about 10 years that could change ... I hope not) but the real question is
SHOULD IT BE illegal? my answer: no.
The reason that I should bring this up now, is ... well I thought about it a while ago when I read about a man being charged for having lolita on his computer. The judge which tried him classified this as child porn.
However lolita is not child porn in my mind. I dont claim to be an expert on the subject, but there are two catagorys that I use to classify child porn (and bear with me, cause they're impossibly complicated)

one: it is porn
two: it is of children

so, lets recap.
Q: is lolita porn?
A: yeah, I geuss a form, though less so because its animated

Q: is lolita of children
A: No idiot they're drawings

threfore if someone consideres lolita child porn, then they must be considering drawings children. Now I know what people will say, "its not children, but its pictures of children"
and to that I say: so what?
Child porn is illegal because its a form of child abuse. I dont think most children have porn of them because they want to. wheras these pictures of children dont care either way... infact... they dont even THINK (screw this whole personification thing)
so In closing, I think that lolita is indeed immoral, however it shouldnt be illegal.

Though Im sure many lolicon do some other stuff that IS illegal.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My love/hate relationship with the magical girl genre

ok, so Im sure most of us watched them at one point, and I too watch them on and off.
At this point Im not sure if I like the magical girl genre or dont like it, but Im leaning further towards liking it then hating it.
So heres my reasons

yeah, NINE reasons. Deal with it.


1. likeable characters
2. decent character development
3. the final few episodes or an arc are worth a watch
4. longjevity
5. the villans get depth
6. the obvious romance
7. music (both background and op/end)
8. nice art
9. many moments worth a chuckle


1. thin plot
2. repetitive episodes
3. the episodes dont often have much to do with the plot
4. sometimes get to girly for me (though... I suppose...)
5. some of the situations piss me off
6. too much/not enough fanservice (y-yeah... its never the RIGHT amount)
7. cliche
8. underlying morals arent ... underlying enough
9. the episodes generally follow the same patterns ... OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

so there you have it, agree? dissagree? then post.
infact... seeing as I dont even know how many people READ this... COMMENT ANYWAY!


on a side note, it seems as if the only way to add an underline into this blog editor is to to edit the html ... umm ... why?

Friday, October 10, 2008

kanon ~ session three.. me an' my insanity

alright... again, not a good time for me. Friday nights dont tend to be, it would appear. However, as tired as I am, I geuss I'll still make a post. On another note, I was planning on switching computers because my hardrive may/may not be failing... but as it turns out, the other pc's graphics card was intigrated... so screw that ^^

Kanon ~ session three

so about now, Im rather tired and can only vaugly remember even what happend. It was one of those non-eventfull parts of these games, where its more slice of life then anything. Of course - evil asuka (erm... makoto) is still doing annoying stuff at night, but I dont plan on taking her path, so Im not being overly nice to her. Just once in a while.
I have one gripe with the game though: it seems like the artists were making fun of the player or something... Sometimes the arts really great, like this

man, I love this picture

but then sometimes (as I said before) the artists are mocking the game player...
like here:


yes, Im not kidding. The sign in the background for the shopping center, infact says "lolicon" on it. So were left with two options: the artists look down on the pervs who play this game enjoying being surrounded by girls who you only beleive are legal because it says their ages, though they look and act much younger - or the other option... theres some pretty freaky shops in that shopping center (maybe makoto can get a job THERE!)
And also, I get the idea, each time you go to the shopping center you encounter an Ayu event. It makes sense, yes and it allows "chance meetings" to be decided by the player... only problem is ... Ayu is like ... ALWAYS at the shopping center ...

she then replied "actually, I live here"

Its not that I have any major gripes about this, sure, but gez, what a boring life she must lead if her entire day consists of going to school and eating tayaki in the shopping center for the rest of the day. That said ... I want some tayaki... it sounds goooood... and looks good... like a fish or something... or I could go for that chocolate cornet thing that konata eats... man, am I hungry or what?
So if you're wondering, yes I AM actually playing the game, and not just looking for the smallest subtle mistakes or gaps. I just enjoy pointing out those little things, because opposite to real life, in gameing or anything computer-related I am extreamly observent. Which leads me to another crazy assumption:
its totally hinting at something

I suppose I didnt put that in the right context but whatever, if I were to do that then my theory would seem more crazy. Much like this

Hmm just words... You wouldnt happen
to be talking about a certian game would you?

ok, NOW Im just seeing crazy stuff.

So after a fair amount of play, I have to say Im really warming up to this plot (heh... waming up.. get it? ... seriously though. I didnt mean to make a pun and it sucks so ignore it) some of the aspects are really pulling me in. Clannad seemed a bit more emotional, but this really has a lot of mystery that is pulling me in. And of course, theres always the quirky character interaction

however, some options IN the character interaction seem kind of unfair

for reference, I chose option one
... through innie minnie miny moe

sadly, it was followed by this.
It sucks

Another thing that you may have noticed about how I write is that I make large amounts of weird connections. No, I dont just spend hours thinking up obscure stuff, it actually just pops into my head. Which is why this is how I was thinking at this point

and of course, followed by

funny thing is, it actually WAS a trap, as evil asuk--- makoto is going to play a trick on you at this point, and then this was obviously followed by

the funny thing is I actually DID use bombs wisley ... if by "using bomgs wisley" you mean "locking makoto in a closet"

... yeah weird eh?

anyway, acording to this firefox add on, its been an hour and a half.. which is FAR too long to take to write something like this, so either I write really damn slow, get side tracked or have had this window open for a long time. Doesnt really matter, as I'll be closing it now anyway.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

kanon ~ session two

ugu... yesterday was ultra busy... as is today actually and I didnt even get the chance to play kanon (evidently its rubbing off on me though)
I may not even have the time to finish this today, so bear with me if its actually sunday by the time its posted (it'll be code kanon)

so awlrighty

kanon ~ session two

technically this isnt my second session, more just my second blog on it, but session is the best way to describe it.

So I only really played one day (as I mentioned, I was pressed for time) but found myself to be enjoying the game a lot. I now know that I'll be enjoying it more then clannad (especially the girls, and yes, I decide these things quickly)
so I got to meet a few more of them "today" and as opposed to clannad I found myself likeing all the girls so far ... and now I dont know with path I'll take u.u

being pressed for time (ok last time I say this, I PROMISE) this will probably be more of a perdy pictures post then a long text "read if you have no life" post.

now that I've seen a bit more of misaka's personallity, Im begining to like it a bit more. At first she was the quiet mysterious type ... now shes' the furukawa type (heh seriously, though I guess furukawa is actually the misaka type) but wait to use archtypes, key ... I like them

heh... health

and like I was saying

see? archtype

And finally


so then you get attacked by Evil Asuka.

yeah, she's evil asuka considering I havent learned her name yet. And so, Il show a few more perdy pictures

oh no watch out! evil asuka and she's
pissed for some reason

so Im pretty sure that the main character has some type of amnisa. so then obviously you bring this random girl home after she faints on your chest. And you have to stop nayuki from eating her

I forgot to screencap before when
she mentioned she wanted to eat her
and didnt bother rewinding

anyway, seeing as Im going now, I'll just put up one more pic and leave a really shitty incompleate blog. Not as if anyone reads this yet anyway

cant say I have

so exuse my lack of words and abundance of pics, but as they say "a picture is worth 1000 words" heh... heh...