Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza episode 12

Wow... you know, I've always been irked by this title... You know... Being long... and hard... to pronounce...

Heh, awfully fitting introduction for an episode like this, don't you think?

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza Episode 12:
Does that picture catch your attention?

So before I begin my entry on episode boobs - I mean twelve, I'd like to just say that this seemed like an afterthought. This story's extended arc seemed to reach it's climax at episode 11, where it really pulled out all the stops.

Now read that again to actually take in what I meant to say.

Another thing with the episode was that it was very fan service oriented - much more than usual. I suppose that opening picture may have tipped you off. That being said, excuse the dirty mindset that I'm writing this in!

The episode begins with the crew on route to some hot hot springs where they will spend a few days vacationing.
Sexual tension ensues.

Great! their eyes are closed, now's my chance!

Also, didn't this happen in like the first episode as well?
I call foul on that you can't do two hot springs episodes in one season!

Once the group arrives at the hot springs it's the typical hot springs anime episode fair, show assertive, cheerful girls sexually assaulting other less confident, introverted girls while the guys sit behind a wall and listen.
Despite this being this following the traditional formula (Though give that a thought for a sec, there's a formula!?) I was surprised at how far this show went. This was probably one of the more risque scenes I've seen in anime, nay, one of the more risque episodes what with the direct sex implications and extremely lovingly animated breast fondling.
Now all that fanservice is well and good, but "how long can that last" you ask.
I then leap up onto a rock and answer in a very specific and over dramatic fashion:
So there really is more to the episode than just mindless fanservice.
Speaking of events that stop occurring at 6:57 (rather, start occurring) it appears that Shina has finally worked up the courage to confess to Yuuto.
Or that would have been the case if Gento hadn't learned the ability to meta morph into a ball that is at least one third his size and hide under some blankets...

Poor Gento!
Power level jokes ensue

So with that, the episode begins to hurry on with it's plot.
This consists of Haruka going missing because she is looking for a ring that she lost in the snow (possibly while trying to change the show's name to Toradora)
Upon realizing that she has gone missing, the Nogizaka family along with Yuuto spring into action and go wandering through the forest in a blizzard.

(though I suppose there really isn't many other options)

Hazuki and Yuuto end up getting separated because Yuuto ends up loosing sight of Hazuki ON A STRAIGHT PATH and Yuuto conveniently finds Haruka seconds after that.

After discovering Haruka's lost ring through the most unlikely event ever Haruka and Yuuto get caught in an avalanche.
See those italics? I'm using those to point out everything here that doesn't make sense.
Now I had no real problem with any of these events... At the same time, I really didn't see much point in them being in the episode. Haruka found the ring a few seconds after it being revealed that she lost it so there's an intense conflict ... That was solved in about five seconds.
As for the avalanche thing, I also don't really find it necessary because they were lost anyway, and they were in no way familiar with their current location.

After getting up from that avalanche (no sweat) they take shelter in a nearby cabin... Which I can't really knock because I've always wanted to be lost in a forest in the middle of a snow storm, only to take refuge in an abandoned cabin.
That was fully sincere by the way, it really would be sweet.

To Sweeten an already pineapple level opportunity, Yuuto is also trapped in said cabin with a vulnerable, impressionable, loving girlfriend.

Who he promptly tells to take her cloths off (no joke!)
He claims this is so she can get beside him and feel his body heat and not catch a cold, and that's all well and good but.... Why does he take his cloths off too?

So then Gento and the maids crash through the window and Gento starts crying blood... Presumably because he is a man and that's how men show emotion.

You win

Shortly after this surprisingly non confrontational encounter, Yuuto and Haruka live happily ever after... Yeah, that's it. No Climactic ending, just another day on the job for Yuuto and Haruka I suppose.
That is if their job is to get into awkward and sexual situations. In which case they have a pretty great job.

All in all, an enjoyable episode bringing to close an enjoyable season. I look forward to season 3. I'm already quite certain that there will be one and am reletivly certain of what to expect.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shugo Chara 108, summerized

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. This picture is worth 12, but it implies many more.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Despite the picture it's actually "Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu"

You know what? you all suck. I like it. I like it lots.
I like Haruka as a character. Screw all you. I'll watch whatever I feel like and type in ridiculously fragmented sentences whenever I feel like!

Edit: About 24 hours later, the irony of someone watching this and feeling embarrassed about it hits me like a 12 ton block of steel.
(Though it's not like I'm all that embarrassed)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Now as you may or may not know, I have been following shugo chara since the beginning of civilized culture (see: since code geass finished). Over the course of shugo chara's run, it's gone through a good deal of ups and downs which force me to liken it to sailor moon a good deal more than other magical girl anime.

The first season really sold me on the show. I was astounded at the fast pacing that took a long time to slow down. I seemed like this show was really trying earnestly to get me to watch it. Ultimately, I didn't find myself liking any of the characters as much as some other anime, but they had an alright amount of depth. As well as that, it introduced a few new ideas to a genre that hasn't really got much light shone on it as of late.
When I think back on the first season, I feel like it was really trying to be something new, big, exciting and quite possibly one of those cultural fads that make us in north America (or baka westerners, if you speak weaboonian) look upon the crazy antics of Asia and avert the eyes of our children with hopes that they will not get involved in this strange cult stuff like "anie-may" and "poky-mawn"

The second season was no real issue with me either. It was not near as good as the first season, concentrating much more on style over substance, but it served it's purpose. The one thing that I have to say about season 2 is that it really hearkened back to a rather "old school" approach - A happy go lucky maiden solving problems by defeating a monster of the week that shows up quite often for no apparent reason other then to have lots and lots of sparkles and use up the colossal animation budget. On the plus side, the second season did bring with it a fair amount of refinements to the show. In terms of a plot, it was slightly darker, more coherent, more involved, more emotional and all around more mature. It's just a shame that it was paced in a typical monster of the week fashion: Nothing happens ever, then in the last 4 episodes, EVERYTHING happens. This trend towards a more mature style of storytelling was greatly appreciated by me, the unintended target audience. I was hoping (and expecting) this trend to continue, as it mostly does. However what came next was something of a shock.

If season 1 was a square enix game, it'd be final fantasy 8; with a well done story, it tried new things, had some definite flaws and could have been the next big thing. Keeping on that train of thought, season 2 would be final fantasy 9: It went back to the basics of what makes the genre great and just based itself around those, while taking the good parts of the previous installment. However, season 3 is not like final fantasy 10. In fact, season 3 is not like a final fantasy in general. The only simile that I can use to describe it would be like your 17 year old douchebag brother who just entered collage. Now that he's in and thinks he's hot shit, he's hanging out with the coolest people and has experimented with plenty of new things. Most of this isn't for the better either.

If you can read that subtitle without thinking
anything dirty, then you have the sex drive of a snail.
No, not the normal kind of snail, the kinds that live
in a box and never see light or the outside world.

This is Season 3. Enter Shugo Chara Party! (exclamation mark being a part of the official title)
Now don't get me wrong, there's still a show to be seen here, but it's obscured by an equal amount of what's clearly filler.
For each episode, there is two or three short skits about the shugo chara doing some asinine things that look like they were drawn with windows 7 crayon style, and animated in flash. In addition to the skits, they also have plenty of live action footage, which contrary to what the name implies, does not include a great deal of action....
And nor is it live ...
I wonder why they call it "live action" in the first place?
In these live action skits, we get to see some Japanese girls walk, talk and in general act overly cute.
Yes, I'M calling something overly cute, you know it has to be over the edge for that.

After the fillers, we finally start up a real episode, which lasts about 13 minutes.

My main irk with this is simply because it's lazy writing. I realize that the manga needs time to get ahead, but come on, there DOES exist a group of people who tend to write tv shows for a living.
I'd know, they're quite vocal about it on places like tv shows. Anyway, I'm at least hoping that they will revert back to the 23 minutes of stuff model when the manga gets ahead a fair bit.

Now you may have seen the title of my post and been puzzled by it. "Why?", why indeed. Why could mean plenty of things, why is, why isn't, and why will often never be.
What I'm asking "why" for is partially why they decided to take two seasons of a good running show and completely reverse the attitude, but another "why" is "Why do I still WATCH this!?"
You see- despite my complaining, I still religiously watch the show. The anime sequences are decent, I just wish they were longer.

I think the real reason "Why?" deals with my desire as a male

Not that desire, you dirty fuckwit!

My other masculine desires... To WIN!

I've been watching Shugo Chara on schedule, practically without fail for more than a year now. I've invested a serious amount of time in this. I can't just GIVE UP!
This happened with sailor moon too, which just made me ride it out till it got good again (stars)
I'm either going to watch till it ends or till I can't watch any more. If I stop now then the show wins and has gotten the better of me. My sweet and subtle masochistic desires may also shine through as well. In that respect, the show has got me hooked, but it`s cheating.
Nice job Shugo Chara, and the third season isn`t AS bad as I make it out to be.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shugo Chara 100

Spoiler, the episode goes a little something
like this

(click to enlarge)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just tossing this out there,,,

lol endless eight...

So I went to kyoto animation and talked about Haruhi Season 2 with them. The conversation went about as well as the last time I talked to my girlfriend... something like this

Nah, just kidding. I don't really have a girlfriend

But I swear... next episode is going to be the last....

Full blog to come when I can't just copy/paste my other endless eight blog.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Haruhi Season 2 Episode 2 NEED I SAy MORE!?

Hey remember when I did blogs? yeah that was fun. Now that it's summer again I'm sure to do more. I'll try to keep a real schedule.
Yup. No sarcasm or cynicism there... none at all.

Haruhi Season 2 episode 2

Alright, lets get two things settled here. One, the particular subs that I watched didn't translate the episode name. Two, despite it not being my ultra favorite anime (if visual novels count, then clannad the VN takes that place... I wasn't big on its anime) I am a rather large Haruhi nerd.

Having watched the anime, I've also read the books (original and english release), the drama CDs, manga and own the dancing game for the wii (it's not very good). Naturally as a result of this I have been a part of the so called "hype machine" for a good long while. If google alerts actually worked well, I would have already known a lot about it. Sadly, google alerts does not work very well on topics that you can't easily click "LOL I'M A BUTTON THAT GIVES YOU NEWS". On that topic, having read the books I already have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen. As well as that, despite not knowing the title, I think that I can be somewhat safe in calling this episode "endless eight" for reasons that are seemingly absent in this episode (kyoani: WHERE IS THE TIME TRAVEL!?)

Basicly this episode, much like in the novel follows the last few days of summer when all of us realize "Holy shit, I've done nothing but sit in the basement and watch anime and play video games!"
The difference is that instead of Haruhi being proud of that and having her eyes burnt out when she goes outside, she decides to do something about it... Like some kind of weird ass strange person... Right?

Come on guys, help me out here! That's not what normal people do, is it!?

Yup, more Haruhi goodness!
Also this location was in the wii game eh?
And yes, I know that.

Events in this episode take off at an innocent trip to the pool. Little did they know that this is the beginning of the "Relentless episode of fanservice"

There was seriously more fanservice in this episode than I've seen in Haruhi. Good service though, not intrusive. It's not like the ridiculous girls high fanservice with "OH NO I FEEL ON THE GROUND FOR SOME REASON AND NOW MY PANTIES ARE STICKING IN THE AIR. HEY EVERYONE SEEN MY PANTIES? NO? WELL I THINK I'LL SHOW THEM FOR A BIT LONGER. SEEM THEM YET? WELL EVEN IF YOU HAVE I'LL SHOW A BIT MORE TO GET THE POINT ACROSS"

The pool scene is very small and consists of them eating a lunch and some music. In fact, the entire episode contains many musical montages. There seriously isn't much to say about this episode.

Yep, all this fanservice description AND a pool scene.
All you get is Kyon and Koizumi's backs.
Look really hard and you can see Mikuru Haruhi and Yuki!

The next day is a O-bon festival. As mentioned before, fanservice, fanservice, fanservice. "Why?" You may ask. Well if you recall, the Japanese have yukata... Exactly. So, it begins with Haruhi, Nagato and Mikuru buying yukata to wear. After that, we have a relatively interesting festival scene. Kyon talks a lot, Nagato buys a mask, Haruhi catches goldfish, Mikuru doesn't catch goldfish and fangirls everywhere draw yaoi pairings of Kyon and Koizumi.
Is it just me, or is the perspective in this really weird?

Fireworks are always fun. I suppose that is an international law, because the day ends with an awesome time with fireworks. I particularly like Kyon's idea.

click to enlarge; he's on a mother fucking BIKE!

The next task that they have is catching bugs. This was also a musical montage. Also not only was it a montage, they reduced it to mostly still frames as well!

It's this point that I'm wondering how much was actually spent on this show. Perhaps they're spending it all on K-ON

Next is working. It's very short. Mikuru dresses up as sgt.Frog... yeah the show, I've never seen it nor know the characters so cut me a break, kay?

After that, they go star gazing. Yes, Haruhi, we understand that you are an ironic show. I realize now writing this how short each segment was. To be honest as a blogger, I feel somewhat cheated, because I have to make up random crap to write about to fill space.
That was random crap to fill space. This is also. Though on another hand I'm surprised that they are adapting endless eight at all. I suppose viral marketing be damned, they are addapting endlss eight and NOT dissapearence!

Sophosticated, refined martions eh?
Well I can only reply wit this:
The one on the right is a girl, clearly.

After that, it shows a short baseball skit, then homework, then the end. No time travel at all!
How could this be? that was the whole point of the story in the book!

alt diolouge: "Why does japan like baseball?...,
why does anyone like baseball?)
Overall I'm slightly disappointed with this episode. As opposed to being about a looping eight days and with the objective of getting past that, it was turned into slice of life. All the character development, specifically in Nagato was taken out!
People had gripes with lone island, well I HAVE GRIPES WITH THIS!

Alright, so... yeah...

(... all because of one slightly annoyed blogger... come on, it'd be cool)

(Edit, November 22: Well ironically I actually did get off my ass and do something at the end of the summer, and yeah I know, the season did go somewhere, and yeah I know, I stopped blogging it, and yes I too was pissed off at the whole fiasco. Disappearance movie should make up for it though.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Street fighter Legend of Chun Li

Alright, so technically this isn't an anime. However, its based on a game... with manga esque graphics... and uhh.. yeah
So I guess its close enough ...

A more apt title:
Street fighter and cursed film legacy

So essentially, I'll get to what we all already know. This movie was bad.
I walked into the theater knowing that it was going to be a bad movie. Hell, I walked into the theater knowing it was going to be "so bad that it wasn't so bad its good" (might wanna rap your head around that one before continuing)

While watching the movie I had two main thoughts:


Usually the former was closely followed by the latter. Usually they were exclaimed (dont get all annoyed at me, there was like 3 people there)

Alright so I'm not going to really be spoiler sensitive, as trust me: YOU DONT WANT TO SEE THIS FILM. Alright!? I saw this because a certain podcast said that. And then afterward, it specifically said "DO NOT SEE THIS BECAUSE WE JUST TOLD YOU NOT TO BECAUSE WE ARE BEING SERIOUS"

(see those caps? that's my serious tone; it means I'm shouting. When I'm shouting I'm serious. Shouting is serious business)

needless to say, I did the stupid thing and saw it based on that warning.

I regret it.

More than once during the movie I thought one of two things
"oh my god, is it not OVER yet?" and "what movie is this again?"
I was often baffled by the amount of time that had gone by. In the time span of 40 minutes, I felt like I could have traveled around the world several times. Other then that, it also didn't share much resemblance to the game that it claimed to be based off of.
Hey do you remember that part in street fighter where all those swat team members had that massive shootout with M.Bison's thugs? No? neither do I.
In fact (just a little fun fact here) The ONLY character who was a "Good guy" archtype character that was also from street fighter was Chun-Li.
Oh yeah also Chun-li was not a hardened Interpol cop, rather a professional piano player (???)

So basicly the plot goes like this

One day Chun-li is playin a concert when she gets a cool scroll. She seems unable to read the scroll despite speaking fluent Chinese (the language it is written in). Then her mom dies. Then because of her mom dying, she decides to get someone to translate the scroll (oh this is funny) in China town. Yes thats right. Despite the movie being in china, she goes to china town (in china)

Its like double china!!!

So then the scroll says to "find this dude named Gen in Bangkok" (not Ken, dont get your hopes up... and uh not exactly)
So despite not knowing who sent the scroll, she decides to completely abandon her current life and go life on the streets of Bangkok. Yes that's right. A different country.
Also Bangkok is a PRETTY HUGE PLACE... so like eventually she finds this Gen dude who makes her some kind of hyper 1337 ninja.

And then M.Bison is trying to buy the slums because he's evil.
Oh yeah, M.Bison is one tough character! you see: He's evil because he's evil. The back story provided as to why he's so evil is that "He was an evil child, and then he wanted to be more evil, so he went into a dark cave and sealed his goodness into his unborn child"

Yeah thanks for that, cept it doesn't explain WHY he was evil in the first place.

Maybe he was just one really bad dude (who was angry because some over bad dudes were more bad than him therefore got all the burgers from the president)

So then through a bunch of other shit happening, Chun-li eventually shoots a fireball at him and knocks him off a building in a terribly anti-climactic fight scene.

The end.

Alright now into the other things about the film.

The acting was actually a mixed bag. Some actors actually pulled off their rolls well, and when it counted. Some actors over acted. Mostly however it was just pretty bad.

Fights in this movie were quite badly done. Its a shame too, because they looked like they could have been pretty sweet fights! however instead they had WAY to many cuts and you couldn't really tell what was going on.

Musically this movie was ... umm mostly alright. Forgettable, but alright.
Exept for this one part... this one hilariously badly done part ... in a club. There is a rap about street fighter.
Yeah, a rap about street fighter. Actually I take that back, cause it was mostly juse people repeating the words "street" and "fighter" over and over again.
I found that the piano concerto at the beginning was particularly strange, as it started in the key of F and modulated very far from the original key to B flat, the strangeness was also added to the fact that the whole thing switched between 12/4 time and 7/4 time .... Kidding (but that would be pretty sweet ....)

So combine that with some hilariously bad lines ("bitch! I'll cut you. Bitch!" - vega, "I stand up when its hard to stand up" - Chun-li) and you have an unholy package of evil, not unlike Seth in street fighter 4.
(insert obligatory package joke here)

To sum it up, I give it 0/9999 stars
it earns 0 experience points
it earns 0 magic points
it earns 0 love points
it earns 0 gold
it earns 0 friendship points
it earns 0 apatite points
it earns 0 kindness points
it earns 0 homework score points
and if you recognize how nerdy those previous were, then YOU loose 400$ and go directly to jail, without passing go.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time to abuse this blog for my own ends

The post title says it all, but hey its a post so what are you complaining about?

So basically mystwalker seems to be very intent on getting this game talked about so around on the internet are several ways of winning a free advance copy of this game. Already having entered ANN's contest to no avail, I found a crunchyroll post about another way to win it!
So basically what I'm doing is promoting it shamelessly to get a very small chance at winning it. Common though its not all that bad, after all I'm actually pretty excited about this game. After all, the DS needs some RPGS that are the quality of square's ports but not the 4th time remaking it like squares ports. On the subject of square re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-releasing a game that they made 15-20 years ago has anyone heard about the new dragon quest remake?

Anyway though, this game shouldn't be very hard to get hyped about. After all, its from MYSTWALKER. Yes, the same mystwalker studios that made Blue dragon and Lost GODyssey. (in all seriousness though, they're a decent studio) On top of that, lets face it: A good ol' fashion turn-based-IHateTheTermJrpgButIGeussI'llUseItAnyway game. They seem to be in short supply as of late. Even square seems to be going away from that style and into weirder stuff. Oh well, final fantasy 13 will come soon. And be a letdown And make up for Final Fantasy 12, And cure world hunger, and cure AIDS much like Halo 3 apparently

Also it appears that square seems to be buying Eidos ...

somehow I don't think that will work out very well... unless Laura Croft plans on becoming a white mage.

And just in case you were wondering, no I'm not going to blog girls high. It got waaay to... bad.
... that's bad in a literal sense, I didn't want to dignify it with an intelligent adjective.

And just in case you were also wondering, yes I'm still watching plenty of anime. Right now I'm slowly making my way through cliche loli moe fest Da Capo. Its actually pretty good, despite having E X T R E M E L Y cliche characters.

I've also been playing this cool visual novel called "may sky". Its a Doujin game, originally released in 5 chapters made in flash. However unlike most flash VN games this one is actually very high caliber. (almost soul caliber) I'm guessing that most people are unaware of this game and I simply cannot let that be. Its a very well written VN with strong, emotional characters. So if you like visual novels and are just trying the big huge KEY ones, or are for some reason into fate/stay (hey I wont judge you or anything but...) I recommend you check out the translated version. Its free and its not even illegal for once!


Oh yeah, and Blue dragon plus, defenitly that too. Looks neat.
I'm pretty psyched about it

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exams Be Evil

Ugu... my life...
oh wait, what life?

Sorry anyone who reads this (Steve, I'm looking at you) But I've been kind of busy with school and stuff right now, what with exams and all. I'll be busy for a while "studying" (Read: playing Lost Odyssey) but I've got a break afterwards so I should be able to get back to complaining about the amount of ecchi in girls high.
Also its kind of nice that Crunchyroll's finally got back up to date on Shugo Chara. I wont go criticizing them because I think that its great that they've tried to take a step into making the bigger companies see that online streaming is indeed the way to go (Who am I kidding!? I want my free fansubs)
On another note I've also began watching Gunslinger Girl Teatrino and so far its more of a "meh" on the wow scale of things. I wont say I'm disappointed because its bad by any means, I just preferred how the first season did things

Edit: Gunslinger girl Teatrino is, in fact not "meh"
It's better

Friday, January 2, 2009

Girls high ~ episode 3, or "omigod, omigod can Ayano be anymore fetishy? (I hope)"

heh... cool... consistency...
Also just an FYI here, I'm currently watching gunslinger girl as well. I've finished the first dvd (yeah I BOUGHT it. Take that)
Girls high - Episode 3: Love, Deception and a love hotel?

Alrighty this one was kinda fun (kinda risque!)
The plot for this episode involves the dating party that himeji set up in the previous episode (yeah I'm learning the names kay?). Basically having not watched it all the way through yet (I watch half then blog half) it would appear that Ogawa is gonna get raped. cool.
The episode begins with what almost appears to be a superman parody ... which kind of seemed out of place, considering the subject matter of the show. I'm not entirely sure if it was a superman ripoff but that's the first thing that came to mind. So eventually the dating party gets together and the characters are paired up with *gasp* boyz
It almost seems like in this episode ALL the usual fan service has been channeled into Ayano. Perhaps 3 people read this blog: Me, Steve and Towa Oshima (hey Towa). I'm not really complaining at this, in fact I like it. Having experience in the moe genre, I was more so laughing at the parody of it though.

Ayano, you may have very well achieved the rank
of msn picture or possibly desktop background

so everyone's gathered together waiting for Ayano to show up... foolish Ayano, just dress...

...casually (incidentally, where the HELL did she get those cloths? ... 2164?)

Eventually Ayano does show up ... and (yay more pictures... yes this is very picture heavy because I'm not in the mood for writing)

see- a girl watches that and thinks
"what guy would want someone like that?"
I watch it and think "if only there were
real females were like that..."

So they end up kicking off this supah bitchin karaoke party. Which despite my prior comments about (read: supah, bitchin) it is quite the opposite.
now for more pictures,

Yes, this was a song. for the reference
it was only to 21 decimal places, and it was correct

It would also appear that Ogawa's guy is quite the player and has invited her to a love hotel. UH OH!
and probably Himeji too

Basically the episode:

All the girls are bored out of their mind,
Ogawa's almost get raped
Hime's and her boyfriend are leik SO thru
Ayano's found true love
Lonely otakus are lonely

Hey look, a plot!

... sadly its rather quick to explain: Ogawa owns this dude who's gonna rape her and then gives him some drugs which knock him unconscious because Ogawa is actually a big time dealer (heh...she deals big to make up for her height ... GET IT?)

Did I like the episode?

... yeah I did actually, I genuinely laughed a few times and found other parts funny. I also enjoyed the Ayano/Shimotakatami subplot
but seriously ... SHIMOTAKATAMI!? that's like... one epic tongue twister ...

also, the background music didn't piss me off this time either.