Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exams Be Evil

Ugu... my life...
oh wait, what life?

Sorry anyone who reads this (Steve, I'm looking at you) But I've been kind of busy with school and stuff right now, what with exams and all. I'll be busy for a while "studying" (Read: playing Lost Odyssey) but I've got a break afterwards so I should be able to get back to complaining about the amount of ecchi in girls high.
Also its kind of nice that Crunchyroll's finally got back up to date on Shugo Chara. I wont go criticizing them because I think that its great that they've tried to take a step into making the bigger companies see that online streaming is indeed the way to go (Who am I kidding!? I want my free fansubs)
On another note I've also began watching Gunslinger Girl Teatrino and so far its more of a "meh" on the wow scale of things. I wont say I'm disappointed because its bad by any means, I just preferred how the first season did things

Edit: Gunslinger girl Teatrino is, in fact not "meh"
It's better

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