Friday, December 26, 2008

Girls High episode 2

Yeah, thats right. On Christmas day, Ima looser. In all fairness however, it is 2 in the morning of the 26th so its not quite as sad. Anyway what else to do?

episode 2 ~ The scent of a girl's shyness

Okay, its worth noting that I'm in a much different mood then the last time that I wrote one of these. Last time I was in a "who would watch this on TV...? its mindless and dumb" kind of mood. This time I'm in a "OMG ITS LEIK SO HAWT MOAR" kind of mood. As you can imagine I'm enjoying it.

Starting off, the plot of the episode is about a physical that all the girls must take. However this isnt a normal physical, oh no. Its much cooler and consumes a greatly unessisary amount of time. Basicly, all the girls must travel around the school to the 14 different stations while very scantly clothed (paper sheets). At each station they must collect a gem stone which combined will unlock the door to the evil shadow lord Halgreth.... Okay so I lied, but everything prior to the part about the gemstones was true. Personally I think that the shadow lord thing would make a much better plot. Clearly there is a reason why I'm writing about anime and not writing anime.

and to make about half, lets throw in some pictures of mai meganekko

not sure whats going on in her mind
but I want in.

B,A, select, start -
Does anyone else find this
strangely attractive?

Speaking of her, I'm quite surprised they pulled the upskirt wind routine. I didnt think that had been used for about 90 years

Another thing that this episode has is some character development for generic female F-2 (the tall-blond). It would apear she has some sort of friend, specificly of the male variety and is causing generic-anime-feamale A-2 distress. (where letter is the importance of the character and number is the school that said character is from) ... I'm really not sure why I wrote that like I did. I'm also really not sure where that sub plot decided to go - probably to the next episode, actually.

We get some intense fanservice, of course (I figured it was a given, but let me finish, its called writing with flow) More stuff that we get is some insight into the characters personalitys (tailored to rather specific tastes) generic-anime-feamale C-2 gets her height mesured ...
very interesting

Nerd mode activate!

The reason that I say very interesting is because the character in question is 143cm tall, where konata from lucky star (with some simmilar traits) is 142cm tall. Could it be a special height? Have the anime companies really came so far in the science of moe that they have managed to find the perfect height for otaku?

We can only hope...

Edit: I wasn't aware of this at the time, but apparently (much to my amusement) there IS a standard height for short anime energetic anime characters, ranging from 140-150cm. I'm officially freaked out

also we get a hint at the *gasp* devastating consequences of not finishing on time...
the plot is thick as molasses

I'd be more worried about the serious amount of
tears that one girl can cry. can anyone say dehydration?

all in all, not a bad episode, everything seems to wrap itself up nicely... though I was feeling very accepting of the content at the time that I watched it... except for the music, it pisses me off.
Edit: not the openings/endings, they're good. The background music sucks though
at this point there isnt much left about this to say ... geuss I should finally go to sleep or something...

YAY, my dreams will kick ass.

btw: found a nifty screen capture app, very lightweight and lots of features MWswap

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Girls high ~ episode 1

Okay, as it turns out I'm in fact NOT dead. The four people who read this must be both surprised and happy to hear that. (did I say six? I meant two... hi Steve)
Girls high - Episode 1 "high school girls are idiots

okay, just to clarify I just noticed that ANN began to stream this and I decided it might be worth a watch, and it supports legal anime streaming. I didn't find this by searching (so don't peg me as weird)
starting things off though, I've wanted to talk about fanservice in anime ever since I watched kite runner liberator.
With some anime they just throw in some fanservice to keep the viewer attentive. You never know what you'll miss if you blink!. I'm fine with that. Hell, I'm even fine with when you throw in a bit more then that amount and go for a Kanon approach to things (moe characters with a good plot). Its when the fanservice takes over the anime that things get problematic - I'm talking about a certain glasses wearing, clumsy, smart, maid, high voiced, one eye red one eye green, assassin, ninja, weapon wielding, shy, killing machine. Yeah, for the reference I'm talking about Monoko from kite liberator. That anime however can be forgiven for its 'service because of its cool action scenes, and surprisingly convincing characters. Girls high on the other hand... is more for the lonley basement dwelling otaku type (that said I think I'll watch it as its streamed)

I'm watching girls high!
of course I'm not thinking!

This is one anime that knows its audience. It reminded me of Azumanga Daioh... but less funny, and more fanservice.
The thing about having lots and lots of fanservice in an anime is that it all just seems to blend together and I just sort of tune out from it. its like comparing the early sailor moon episodes to the later ones - in the early ones it was exiting - you paused your video player, you cursed youtube on the delay, you rewinded it, you tried to catch those few frames (then you switched to crunchyroll) however in the later ones, it was just like "oh look a naked angel, cool"

maybe its for the best that
you cant read that bottom line.

this is essentially my problem with this show. It didn't really attempt to have much of a plot, and it had some pretty weak comedy. A few times it did get a chuckle or two out of me, but for the most part it was pure, brain dead entertainment.

On the plus side there was lots of fanservice

Did I mention that there was a lot of fanservice?

Seriously though, on a real plus side it had some nice art and decent music. The characters were very cute. Which is a good thing considering its genre.

it may not revolutionize anime... in fact, its probably setting anime back about 20 years but its entertaining at least

BTW: its REALLY annoying to get screen caps on the ANN viewer because it shows crap when you pause, and the print screen-paste method is tedious.