Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time to abuse this blog for my own ends

The post title says it all, but hey its a post so what are you complaining about?

So basically mystwalker seems to be very intent on getting this game talked about so around on the internet are several ways of winning a free advance copy of this game. Already having entered ANN's contest to no avail, I found a crunchyroll post about another way to win it!
So basically what I'm doing is promoting it shamelessly to get a very small chance at winning it. Common though its not all that bad, after all I'm actually pretty excited about this game. After all, the DS needs some RPGS that are the quality of square's ports but not the 4th time remaking it like squares ports. On the subject of square re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-releasing a game that they made 15-20 years ago has anyone heard about the new dragon quest remake?

Anyway though, this game shouldn't be very hard to get hyped about. After all, its from MYSTWALKER. Yes, the same mystwalker studios that made Blue dragon and Lost GODyssey. (in all seriousness though, they're a decent studio) On top of that, lets face it: A good ol' fashion turn-based-IHateTheTermJrpgButIGeussI'llUseItAnyway game. They seem to be in short supply as of late. Even square seems to be going away from that style and into weirder stuff. Oh well, final fantasy 13 will come soon. And be a letdown And make up for Final Fantasy 12, And cure world hunger, and cure AIDS much like Halo 3 apparently

Also it appears that square seems to be buying Eidos ...

somehow I don't think that will work out very well... unless Laura Croft plans on becoming a white mage.

And just in case you were wondering, no I'm not going to blog girls high. It got waaay to... bad.
... that's bad in a literal sense, I didn't want to dignify it with an intelligent adjective.

And just in case you were also wondering, yes I'm still watching plenty of anime. Right now I'm slowly making my way through cliche loli moe fest Da Capo. Its actually pretty good, despite having E X T R E M E L Y cliche characters.

I've also been playing this cool visual novel called "may sky". Its a Doujin game, originally released in 5 chapters made in flash. However unlike most flash VN games this one is actually very high caliber. (almost soul caliber) I'm guessing that most people are unaware of this game and I simply cannot let that be. Its a very well written VN with strong, emotional characters. So if you like visual novels and are just trying the big huge KEY ones, or are for some reason into fate/stay (hey I wont judge you or anything but...) I recommend you check out the translated version. Its free and its not even illegal for once!


Oh yeah, and Blue dragon plus, defenitly that too. Looks neat.
I'm pretty psyched about it

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