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Haruhi Season 2 Episode 2 NEED I SAy MORE!?

Hey remember when I did blogs? yeah that was fun. Now that it's summer again I'm sure to do more. I'll try to keep a real schedule.
Yup. No sarcasm or cynicism there... none at all.

Haruhi Season 2 episode 2

Alright, lets get two things settled here. One, the particular subs that I watched didn't translate the episode name. Two, despite it not being my ultra favorite anime (if visual novels count, then clannad the VN takes that place... I wasn't big on its anime) I am a rather large Haruhi nerd.

Having watched the anime, I've also read the books (original and english release), the drama CDs, manga and own the dancing game for the wii (it's not very good). Naturally as a result of this I have been a part of the so called "hype machine" for a good long while. If google alerts actually worked well, I would have already known a lot about it. Sadly, google alerts does not work very well on topics that you can't easily click "LOL I'M A BUTTON THAT GIVES YOU NEWS". On that topic, having read the books I already have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen. As well as that, despite not knowing the title, I think that I can be somewhat safe in calling this episode "endless eight" for reasons that are seemingly absent in this episode (kyoani: WHERE IS THE TIME TRAVEL!?)

Basicly this episode, much like in the novel follows the last few days of summer when all of us realize "Holy shit, I've done nothing but sit in the basement and watch anime and play video games!"
The difference is that instead of Haruhi being proud of that and having her eyes burnt out when she goes outside, she decides to do something about it... Like some kind of weird ass strange person... Right?

Come on guys, help me out here! That's not what normal people do, is it!?

Yup, more Haruhi goodness!
Also this location was in the wii game eh?
And yes, I know that.

Events in this episode take off at an innocent trip to the pool. Little did they know that this is the beginning of the "Relentless episode of fanservice"

There was seriously more fanservice in this episode than I've seen in Haruhi. Good service though, not intrusive. It's not like the ridiculous girls high fanservice with "OH NO I FEEL ON THE GROUND FOR SOME REASON AND NOW MY PANTIES ARE STICKING IN THE AIR. HEY EVERYONE SEEN MY PANTIES? NO? WELL I THINK I'LL SHOW THEM FOR A BIT LONGER. SEEM THEM YET? WELL EVEN IF YOU HAVE I'LL SHOW A BIT MORE TO GET THE POINT ACROSS"

The pool scene is very small and consists of them eating a lunch and some music. In fact, the entire episode contains many musical montages. There seriously isn't much to say about this episode.

Yep, all this fanservice description AND a pool scene.
All you get is Kyon and Koizumi's backs.
Look really hard and you can see Mikuru Haruhi and Yuki!

The next day is a O-bon festival. As mentioned before, fanservice, fanservice, fanservice. "Why?" You may ask. Well if you recall, the Japanese have yukata... Exactly. So, it begins with Haruhi, Nagato and Mikuru buying yukata to wear. After that, we have a relatively interesting festival scene. Kyon talks a lot, Nagato buys a mask, Haruhi catches goldfish, Mikuru doesn't catch goldfish and fangirls everywhere draw yaoi pairings of Kyon and Koizumi.
Is it just me, or is the perspective in this really weird?

Fireworks are always fun. I suppose that is an international law, because the day ends with an awesome time with fireworks. I particularly like Kyon's idea.

click to enlarge; he's on a mother fucking BIKE!

The next task that they have is catching bugs. This was also a musical montage. Also not only was it a montage, they reduced it to mostly still frames as well!

It's this point that I'm wondering how much was actually spent on this show. Perhaps they're spending it all on K-ON

Next is working. It's very short. Mikuru dresses up as sgt.Frog... yeah the show, I've never seen it nor know the characters so cut me a break, kay?

After that, they go star gazing. Yes, Haruhi, we understand that you are an ironic show. I realize now writing this how short each segment was. To be honest as a blogger, I feel somewhat cheated, because I have to make up random crap to write about to fill space.
That was random crap to fill space. This is also. Though on another hand I'm surprised that they are adapting endless eight at all. I suppose viral marketing be damned, they are addapting endlss eight and NOT dissapearence!

Sophosticated, refined martions eh?
Well I can only reply wit this:
The one on the right is a girl, clearly.

After that, it shows a short baseball skit, then homework, then the end. No time travel at all!
How could this be? that was the whole point of the story in the book!

alt diolouge: "Why does japan like baseball?...,
why does anyone like baseball?)
Overall I'm slightly disappointed with this episode. As opposed to being about a looping eight days and with the objective of getting past that, it was turned into slice of life. All the character development, specifically in Nagato was taken out!
People had gripes with lone island, well I HAVE GRIPES WITH THIS!

Alright, so... yeah...

(... all because of one slightly annoyed blogger... come on, it'd be cool)

(Edit, November 22: Well ironically I actually did get off my ass and do something at the end of the summer, and yeah I know, the season did go somewhere, and yeah I know, I stopped blogging it, and yes I too was pissed off at the whole fiasco. Disappearance movie should make up for it though.)

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