Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza episode 12

Wow... you know, I've always been irked by this title... You know... Being long... and hard... to pronounce...

Heh, awfully fitting introduction for an episode like this, don't you think?

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza Episode 12:
Does that picture catch your attention?

So before I begin my entry on episode boobs - I mean twelve, I'd like to just say that this seemed like an afterthought. This story's extended arc seemed to reach it's climax at episode 11, where it really pulled out all the stops.

Now read that again to actually take in what I meant to say.

Another thing with the episode was that it was very fan service oriented - much more than usual. I suppose that opening picture may have tipped you off. That being said, excuse the dirty mindset that I'm writing this in!

The episode begins with the crew on route to some hot hot springs where they will spend a few days vacationing.
Sexual tension ensues.

Great! their eyes are closed, now's my chance!

Also, didn't this happen in like the first episode as well?
I call foul on that you can't do two hot springs episodes in one season!

Once the group arrives at the hot springs it's the typical hot springs anime episode fair, show assertive, cheerful girls sexually assaulting other less confident, introverted girls while the guys sit behind a wall and listen.
Despite this being this following the traditional formula (Though give that a thought for a sec, there's a formula!?) I was surprised at how far this show went. This was probably one of the more risque scenes I've seen in anime, nay, one of the more risque episodes what with the direct sex implications and extremely lovingly animated breast fondling.
Now all that fanservice is well and good, but "how long can that last" you ask.
I then leap up onto a rock and answer in a very specific and over dramatic fashion:
So there really is more to the episode than just mindless fanservice.
Speaking of events that stop occurring at 6:57 (rather, start occurring) it appears that Shina has finally worked up the courage to confess to Yuuto.
Or that would have been the case if Gento hadn't learned the ability to meta morph into a ball that is at least one third his size and hide under some blankets...

Poor Gento!
Power level jokes ensue

So with that, the episode begins to hurry on with it's plot.
This consists of Haruka going missing because she is looking for a ring that she lost in the snow (possibly while trying to change the show's name to Toradora)
Upon realizing that she has gone missing, the Nogizaka family along with Yuuto spring into action and go wandering through the forest in a blizzard.

(though I suppose there really isn't many other options)

Hazuki and Yuuto end up getting separated because Yuuto ends up loosing sight of Hazuki ON A STRAIGHT PATH and Yuuto conveniently finds Haruka seconds after that.

After discovering Haruka's lost ring through the most unlikely event ever Haruka and Yuuto get caught in an avalanche.
See those italics? I'm using those to point out everything here that doesn't make sense.
Now I had no real problem with any of these events... At the same time, I really didn't see much point in them being in the episode. Haruka found the ring a few seconds after it being revealed that she lost it so there's an intense conflict ... That was solved in about five seconds.
As for the avalanche thing, I also don't really find it necessary because they were lost anyway, and they were in no way familiar with their current location.

After getting up from that avalanche (no sweat) they take shelter in a nearby cabin... Which I can't really knock because I've always wanted to be lost in a forest in the middle of a snow storm, only to take refuge in an abandoned cabin.
That was fully sincere by the way, it really would be sweet.

To Sweeten an already pineapple level opportunity, Yuuto is also trapped in said cabin with a vulnerable, impressionable, loving girlfriend.

Who he promptly tells to take her cloths off (no joke!)
He claims this is so she can get beside him and feel his body heat and not catch a cold, and that's all well and good but.... Why does he take his cloths off too?

So then Gento and the maids crash through the window and Gento starts crying blood... Presumably because he is a man and that's how men show emotion.

You win

Shortly after this surprisingly non confrontational encounter, Yuuto and Haruka live happily ever after... Yeah, that's it. No Climactic ending, just another day on the job for Yuuto and Haruka I suppose.
That is if their job is to get into awkward and sexual situations. In which case they have a pretty great job.

All in all, an enjoyable episode bringing to close an enjoyable season. I look forward to season 3. I'm already quite certain that there will be one and am reletivly certain of what to expect.

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