Monday, October 13, 2008

My love/hate relationship with the magical girl genre

ok, so Im sure most of us watched them at one point, and I too watch them on and off.
At this point Im not sure if I like the magical girl genre or dont like it, but Im leaning further towards liking it then hating it.
So heres my reasons

yeah, NINE reasons. Deal with it.


1. likeable characters
2. decent character development
3. the final few episodes or an arc are worth a watch
4. longjevity
5. the villans get depth
6. the obvious romance
7. music (both background and op/end)
8. nice art
9. many moments worth a chuckle


1. thin plot
2. repetitive episodes
3. the episodes dont often have much to do with the plot
4. sometimes get to girly for me (though... I suppose...)
5. some of the situations piss me off
6. too much/not enough fanservice (y-yeah... its never the RIGHT amount)
7. cliche
8. underlying morals arent ... underlying enough
9. the episodes generally follow the same patterns ... OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

so there you have it, agree? dissagree? then post.
infact... seeing as I dont even know how many people READ this... COMMENT ANYWAY!


on a side note, it seems as if the only way to add an underline into this blog editor is to to edit the html ... umm ... why?

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