Friday, October 17, 2008

Kanon ~ FINAL POST ... the ending :..(

wow... its over... so sad...
"that was a week ago...a week that both filled me with joy and moved me to tears. I wont ever be able to forget that week, and I dont know if would want to if I could. a lot has changed since then, for the better?
I dont know... time will tell"

kanon~ final session
oooooooooooooooookay, thats what I get from too much kanon.
But there is truth in my ramblings, I did indeed finish kanon at about the begining of last week and it indeed moved me to tears (ehe... embarasing, yes)
-this being ayu's path-
It probably would have been a better idea to post when I actually compleated it instead of several days later, but since when did I ever do anything that was a "good idea"

so I'll try to refrain from spoiling it, in case someone ends up reading this and also is playing the game at the time
(chances are aprox. 1 in 4711.3333)

but I will say, I liked it more then clannads ending. One, it was longer, two it was sadder, three it was ... happier (cant explain unless you've played the game)

there was also the H scene, which was ... surprisingly tastefull.
As this was the first game I've played with one, I didnt quite know what to expect, but I needn't fear. I geuss the difference between this and a more western view on it, would be that in a western society its looked upon as a "dirtier" thing, while in this game its more "pure"
for instance, in a western game if it had SEX (hah! just got 20 more hits!) it would be a much bigger part of the game. I'm not saying that western developers are shallow, I'm just saying that if they put it IN they would do it in a shallow way.
And in that western game, the music would probably be the complete opposite too (t'would be funkehhh)
though Im not completely sure, as it was left untransilated and there was just about 30 blank text boxes to click though, but I was fairly sure it was an emotional scene*

well thats it for you people who dont want anything spoiled...
now ON TO THE IMAGES (no H ones, sorry!)

always with the weird angles


*snif* Im sad part one

*sniff* im sad, part two

*sniff* I'm sad part three

now, Im happy but still sad, but I'm happy
so still "sniff" I geuss

likewise, the same as the one above
but now ayu has a cool hat
(but you dont get to see it!)

* Edit 28/07/09: Nah, I've got the new translation now... Turns out that part wasn't written very well at all. That or the translators felt no need for any metaphorical tomfoolery.
In Welcome to the NHK, Satou proclaims that
"My brain simply wasn't equipped with the particular metamorphs used in erotic fiction" Seems like in this case it really didn't matter much

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