Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is it alright to love those lolis? ~another half post

Ok let me just state, that lolita kinda freaks me out. they're cute; not hot. I can understand if people look at young anime girls (sometimes boys) when clothed, cause they often have that cuteness factor.

for reasons as to why I lack a picture...
see the above picture

lolicons are still sort of weird in my mind (though... I dono... maybe in about 10 years that could change ... I hope not) but the real question is
SHOULD IT BE illegal? my answer: no.
The reason that I should bring this up now, is ... well I thought about it a while ago when I read about a man being charged for having lolita on his computer. The judge which tried him classified this as child porn.
However lolita is not child porn in my mind. I dont claim to be an expert on the subject, but there are two catagorys that I use to classify child porn (and bear with me, cause they're impossibly complicated)

one: it is porn
two: it is of children

so, lets recap.
Q: is lolita porn?
A: yeah, I geuss a form, though less so because its animated

Q: is lolita of children
A: No idiot they're drawings

threfore if someone consideres lolita child porn, then they must be considering drawings children. Now I know what people will say, "its not children, but its pictures of children"
and to that I say: so what?
Child porn is illegal because its a form of child abuse. I dont think most children have porn of them because they want to. wheras these pictures of children dont care either way... infact... they dont even THINK (screw this whole personification thing)
so In closing, I think that lolita is indeed immoral, however it shouldnt be illegal.

Though Im sure many lolicon do some other stuff that IS illegal.

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