Friday, October 10, 2008

kanon ~ session three.. me an' my insanity

alright... again, not a good time for me. Friday nights dont tend to be, it would appear. However, as tired as I am, I geuss I'll still make a post. On another note, I was planning on switching computers because my hardrive may/may not be failing... but as it turns out, the other pc's graphics card was intigrated... so screw that ^^

Kanon ~ session three

so about now, Im rather tired and can only vaugly remember even what happend. It was one of those non-eventfull parts of these games, where its more slice of life then anything. Of course - evil asuka (erm... makoto) is still doing annoying stuff at night, but I dont plan on taking her path, so Im not being overly nice to her. Just once in a while.
I have one gripe with the game though: it seems like the artists were making fun of the player or something... Sometimes the arts really great, like this

man, I love this picture

but then sometimes (as I said before) the artists are mocking the game player...
like here:


yes, Im not kidding. The sign in the background for the shopping center, infact says "lolicon" on it. So were left with two options: the artists look down on the pervs who play this game enjoying being surrounded by girls who you only beleive are legal because it says their ages, though they look and act much younger - or the other option... theres some pretty freaky shops in that shopping center (maybe makoto can get a job THERE!)
And also, I get the idea, each time you go to the shopping center you encounter an Ayu event. It makes sense, yes and it allows "chance meetings" to be decided by the player... only problem is ... Ayu is like ... ALWAYS at the shopping center ...

she then replied "actually, I live here"

Its not that I have any major gripes about this, sure, but gez, what a boring life she must lead if her entire day consists of going to school and eating tayaki in the shopping center for the rest of the day. That said ... I want some tayaki... it sounds goooood... and looks good... like a fish or something... or I could go for that chocolate cornet thing that konata eats... man, am I hungry or what?
So if you're wondering, yes I AM actually playing the game, and not just looking for the smallest subtle mistakes or gaps. I just enjoy pointing out those little things, because opposite to real life, in gameing or anything computer-related I am extreamly observent. Which leads me to another crazy assumption:
its totally hinting at something

I suppose I didnt put that in the right context but whatever, if I were to do that then my theory would seem more crazy. Much like this

Hmm just words... You wouldnt happen
to be talking about a certian game would you?

ok, NOW Im just seeing crazy stuff.

So after a fair amount of play, I have to say Im really warming up to this plot (heh... waming up.. get it? ... seriously though. I didnt mean to make a pun and it sucks so ignore it) some of the aspects are really pulling me in. Clannad seemed a bit more emotional, but this really has a lot of mystery that is pulling me in. And of course, theres always the quirky character interaction

however, some options IN the character interaction seem kind of unfair

for reference, I chose option one
... through innie minnie miny moe

sadly, it was followed by this.
It sucks

Another thing that you may have noticed about how I write is that I make large amounts of weird connections. No, I dont just spend hours thinking up obscure stuff, it actually just pops into my head. Which is why this is how I was thinking at this point

and of course, followed by

funny thing is, it actually WAS a trap, as evil asuk--- makoto is going to play a trick on you at this point, and then this was obviously followed by

the funny thing is I actually DID use bombs wisley ... if by "using bomgs wisley" you mean "locking makoto in a closet"

... yeah weird eh?

anyway, acording to this firefox add on, its been an hour and a half.. which is FAR too long to take to write something like this, so either I write really damn slow, get side tracked or have had this window open for a long time. Doesnt really matter, as I'll be closing it now anyway.

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