Saturday, October 4, 2008

kanon ~ session two

ugu... yesterday was ultra busy... as is today actually and I didnt even get the chance to play kanon (evidently its rubbing off on me though)
I may not even have the time to finish this today, so bear with me if its actually sunday by the time its posted (it'll be code kanon)

so awlrighty

kanon ~ session two

technically this isnt my second session, more just my second blog on it, but session is the best way to describe it.

So I only really played one day (as I mentioned, I was pressed for time) but found myself to be enjoying the game a lot. I now know that I'll be enjoying it more then clannad (especially the girls, and yes, I decide these things quickly)
so I got to meet a few more of them "today" and as opposed to clannad I found myself likeing all the girls so far ... and now I dont know with path I'll take u.u

being pressed for time (ok last time I say this, I PROMISE) this will probably be more of a perdy pictures post then a long text "read if you have no life" post.

now that I've seen a bit more of misaka's personallity, Im begining to like it a bit more. At first she was the quiet mysterious type ... now shes' the furukawa type (heh seriously, though I guess furukawa is actually the misaka type) but wait to use archtypes, key ... I like them

heh... health

and like I was saying

see? archtype

And finally


so then you get attacked by Evil Asuka.

yeah, she's evil asuka considering I havent learned her name yet. And so, Il show a few more perdy pictures

oh no watch out! evil asuka and she's
pissed for some reason

so Im pretty sure that the main character has some type of amnisa. so then obviously you bring this random girl home after she faints on your chest. And you have to stop nayuki from eating her

I forgot to screencap before when
she mentioned she wanted to eat her
and didnt bother rewinding

anyway, seeing as Im going now, I'll just put up one more pic and leave a really shitty incompleate blog. Not as if anyone reads this yet anyway

cant say I have

so exuse my lack of words and abundance of pics, but as they say "a picture is worth 1000 words" heh... heh...

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