Monday, September 29, 2008

Code geass 25 - but mainly WOAH!

ok, nice job sunrise you ended the show with a bang and more plot twisting (mind you, the plot probably snapped a while ago from being twisted so much) never the less...
good, good

Final Episode:

starting off, impressive episode. It really brought things to a close (and lets keep it this way, seriously, none of your bullshit about characters living)
I wasn't to fond of the name, considering it has little to do with the episode, nor with the characters, nor with the show... so Im not entirely sure what that's all about...
I would have done it while it was fresh in my mind last night, but I was tired and it took me a surprisingly long time (waited for 2 wrong torrents to download) ...that's always good on my bandwidth (not to mention kanon a while ago >_>)
so we begin right where the previous episode started, Nunally is showing off her eyes and Lelouch is shitting himself.
Being very climactic, it cuts around and shows what the other characters are doing, similar to an epilogue... I think death note could have taken a hint from this show's ending, seeing as its ending was sudden and felt forced (yeah thats right... DEATH NOTE taking a lesson on plot from CODE fsking GEASS).
The most important part, however, is the battle between suzaku and kallen. the showdown of fanboys vs fangirls. How will code geass end? will it be a fanboy ending (kallen x lelouch) or a fangirl ending? (suzaku x lelouch). Be you fanboy or fangirl however, it was a rather impressive fight scene in which you can see that they had budget left (I would have been SO pissed if they ran out of money and ended it with an evangelion style slide show)

nuu you cant ever kill me!

Also, as I just placed a screen shot of above, Jeremiah ... is he like ... unkillable for some reason? his knightmare exploded, but it was still there, then HE explodes it to damage anya, shield, then he goes eureka 7 style onto the mech and cuts it with his arm sword thing.
ANYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaactually I dont really care about Anya

So lelouch ended up geassing nunnaly and took the key from her. Wow... what a douche. And nunnaly says so as well. As lelouch walks away, nunnaly chases him and falls on the stairs, of course lelouch being the douche he is, DOESNT help his crippled sister getting up after she falls on some stairs out of her wheelchair (also, how did nunnaly get up those stairs in the first place... yeah, think about that for a bit)
aaaaaaaand the decicive battle is finally won by lelouch's side. the black knights fail and lelouch enslaves the world and everyone hates him.

I would have been pissed if they ended it like that. And considering my bad sense of time, I thought they had.

And then he got all of his slaves to
build the much sought after "giant chess piece"

It does another timeskip (so you KNOW something more will happen) and shows suzaku's grave. Notice that it said on his grave knight of THE zero as opposed to "knight of zero" ... I wonder if lelouch gave him the title THE just before he died. Or maybe it was just an error on behalf of the translators/animators. We also have Aurthur, the cat at suzaku's grave. So has he been there for 2 months? wow what a faithful cat.
It would appear as if all of the scientists have been imprisoned by lelouch (including the ones that gave him SUPER invaluable help for some reason) and we ALMOST find out about Lloyd's past by no one cares about that, so they decide to not go into much depth. Back to Lelouch's parade. As it turns out, Lelouch was "the good guy" all along, and just planned to kill most of his family and take over the world so suzaku would be able to kill him and "end this chain of hatred" ... personally that sounds almost like a cop-out ending to me, but who can blame them. Any idea that I had was a lot worse (even 4chan couldnt thing up anything)
So all acording to lelouch's plan, suzaku runs up dressed as a fake zero and after much build up, stabs lelouch.
actually that one was seriously, I expected it to NOT end like that 0.o

actually, I have no witty comment for this
I was fucking SHOCKED
(edit - I now have a witty comment,
but due to being to socked I wont share it)

and lastly, lelouch dies happy, knowing that nunnaly loves him.
Afterwords, we get a true epilogue, complete with a soft, slow, j-pop ballad. It seems to have gone the way of evangelion and turned a mech into a school drama afterward when it follows kallen around.
We also see Anya and Jeremiah picking oranges .... heh heh... orange ... ^^

and lastly we have CC sitting in the back of an old timey horse hay carriage wearing peasants cloths (maybe she went through a time warp?) talking to dead lelouch...
or I hope he's dead
though that guy driving the cart looks awfully suspicious

oh well, at least that might mean an ova or something

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