Sunday, September 21, 2008

hello world!

Hey all, this is my first entry on what I HOPE to be a weekly thing
at first I'd like to catch the end of code geass r2, its a shame I didnt think of this earlier, but what are you going to do
I know it seems that its just another blogger talking about anime, but Im different? why? because Im gods gift to anime reviewers and my oppinion is the LAW!
ok, not really
but I generally DO have oppinions that are a refreshing change from the rest of the comunity (nina, you can table hump in my heart <3)

soooo onto buisness then

just finished up furukawa's path in clannad, it was really sad...
over all, I think that it was a great game, but I had a FEW minor gripes with it:
for one, please tell me, WHY was the opening like half way through the game? seriously, you play it for long time, then it shows the opening, and your like "woah... this game is gonna be hella long" but then it turns out that a few days of more play and its over!
its an opening!
it goes at the begining! ... it felt almost like an insert cutscene to me
another minor thing would be the lack of interaction with the player, now I didnt actually mind this, because you could tell this way more effort was put into a single narrative, therefore making a smaller amount of content (still LOTS of content though)
thats about it really, other then that it was defenitly a solid game that took controll of my emotions sometimes.

expect another entry, with a bit more of a focus later tonight after I watch code geass r2 episode 24

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