Friday, September 26, 2008

Kanon ~ session one

Kanon - prolouge and day one

Alright, it looks like this will be a VERY busy weekend seeing as Ive got not only the final episdoe of code geass, but maybe more importantly: the lucky star OVA (excuse me while I go into a quiet room for a bit)

Ok, Im better now.
however Im rather pissed at the lack of subs as of now, but they will come... they will come...

So moving onto the main thing: Kanon.
first let me tell you, it was really annoying to get to play it. I had a LOT of problems... even more then Clannad. Firstly, I had to actually download the game and seeing as its an old-ish game, my torrent had very little seeds (took about a week, maybe less) after I had successfully downloaded it, I tried to put in the patch, only to find out "uh oh! the patch only works with standard edition!" silly me, I had downloaded one of the OTHER 4 PC versions (four is to many. end of story)
So I hunted through the cold, dark lands of the interweb and eventually found the standard edition (took about a week to download as well) I had to really mess around with the patch in order to get it to work... and because it was a leak of the unfinished-probably-never-will-finish kanon english patch, it still is rather buggy and has a few things that are left untransilated... but its playable and thats what counts.

If your wondering, __ is in fact NOT my name...
that would be a bug

I played through the first day, and I think that I will end up really enjoying this game; though I dont think as much as Clannad (this gets a +5 in setting though... but clannad wins in music. On art they're even)
Im a bit curious as this is my first H-game and am not entirley sure as of what to expect but I've heard it has little to no impact on the story, which is nice.
though the chracters seem more... fun...

gez what a hero, on the first day.
I like this main character ^^

starting off on my first impressions, I really like the setting. Its more of a personal thing. I like winter as a season, and it defenitly works in a romantic setting (though -30*c is NOT ideal in real life for romance) the music is nice, but not as catchy as many of the tunes in Clannad and I actually liked the right click menu, it seemed very usefull. As always for Key, the art is great. No complaints there. And the girls are ... umm


speaking of Ayu, who despite having freaking wings (fashion trend my ass) is pretty cute, despite filling a lot of common moe stereotypes. Fittingly so for the excellent writing that I found in this game, it has a decent amount of humor that is actually funny. I especially liked the main characters critiqueing of Ayu's wings... it took an weird anime fasion thing and poked fun at it (cause you cant go wrong with a self reference)

so interesting first day, nice to see that again, the protagonist is a bit of an asshole to a few people (reminds me of Clannad) now onto the dream part.
The dream world was a decent method of putting in backstory seeing as this way you can keep the game flowing and not have to put in so much backstory, but it seems less like a dream and more like.... umm... the protagonist got a time machine and went back to do some stuff exactually as he did it before... it just doesnt have that dream feel to it. Though call me whatever you want
young Nayuki is hawt

Like I said, hot (HAH HAH HAHHH)
I love cheesy puns... so very very much

so aside from asking why Nayuki has so many alarm clocks (wakes up bad probably) I dont really have anything else to say.

so yeah... expect more from me. I think I'll make friday my Kanon day. I'll hopefully be able to blog about the Lucky Star OVA tomorrow... yes.... hopefully and of course the final episode of code geass on sunday

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