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code geass r2 ep 24, or, TAKE THAT SHNEIZEL

So, as I mentioned before, Il do a blog on code geass episode 24... along with another 600 other people...

As I also mentioned before, that's not important. Anyway the episode

Turn 24: Damocles' Skies

this was actually one of the better episodes Ive seen in a while, which is a good thing. It should be seeing as it was the second last. It still seems to be keeping with this whole "one plot twist an episode" kinda feel, which is both good and bad, because it both keeps the viewer guessing (well... Ive actually given up on that at this point) but on the flipside it doesnt really provide a stable plot... I feel sorry for someone having to do a plot summery on wikipedia
"and then kallen falls in love with lelouch, and then kallen betreys lelouch, and then kallen falls in love with lelouch again, and then kallen distrusts lelouch, and then kallen falls in love with lelouch, and then kallen trys to kill lelouch" (gez talk about a love hate relationship ... BA DUM CHISH)
So we begin with Nunnaly having some regrets with launching FLEIA, one would think that this would come in later on in the episode, but I geuss that comes later or somthing... or they will just forget about it.
There's some cool battle scenes and somthing about Xin-ku being pissed at Shneizel, more cool battleing, and then suzaku seems to defeat Todou in about 4 or 5 seconds after chatting a bit with him. Isnt it weird that When Suzaku really needs to, he can just kinda take out ANYTHING with seemingly no effort? After defeating Todou, he also glides through Tamaki, though I doubt either of them are actually dead.

"No fair! I wasnt finished talking!"

After telling everyone "thanks but no thanks, screw off I dont need you" Lelouch goes and talks to Nina, who has obviously came up with the exact strategy they need. The strategy in itself is quite ridiculas, but we'll get to that later.
So one of the reasosn you KNOW that its the end (besides the episode number) was the fact that Lelouch refers to CC as the witch, indicating that all the "culzness" that he lost in season one has now officially returned, which results in CC finally showing a bit more character development in terms of her relationship with Lelouch

better late then never

we WOULD have had a nice romantic scene going here, but Kallen, was pissed that CC was stealin her man decided to come in and lay down some ass whooping on them.
So now comes to Cecil and Nina's badass plan, which must be prepared 19 seconds beforehand and has a window of 0.04 seconds to compleate ... what arbitrary numbers eh? never minding the dificulty.
being the smart, smart dude that lelouch is, he stakes all his hope on that insanely-hard-to-do plan, as opposed to this smart plan that I just thought up in about 5 seconds: shoot FLEIA just as its coming out and not need to go inside of it or anything.
So Damocles gets rocked... literally (cheesy puns FTW) and nunnaly falls on the ground grasping around for that specter thing.

My key, my key, I cant launch FLEIAs without my key

So here we go, Lelouch's most far fetched idea yet, he uses a pre-recorded video (obviously knowing exactly what Shneizel is going to say) which responds appropriately to every thing Shneizel says as well as giving him just the right amount of time to talk to him.
Did anyone else find that a BIT over the top? I mean, what do you think would have happen if Sheneizel were to NOT say what Lelouch expected him to? never mind that, what if he WORDED it just a bit different, wouldnt Lelouches plan go to compleate shit?
so the hostages are safe to eh? thats nice, as well as--


ummm... who?

... where?

Is it just me or does Corneillia die more times then Ichicgo or somthing?
she could probably take a beating equal to the ones Keitaro gets and still live!
and what annoy's me is that she isnt even that great of a character either, she has no real significance any more as it seems so just let her DIE!

so Lelouch's plan obviously works, and he catches Shneizel off gaurd and then proceeds to geass him (uh oh! watch out, I smell some problem coming related to that!). After that, Diethard freaks out at and pulls out his gun (dono where he got THAT from) aiming it at Lelouch, only to be shot by Shneizel. I never really liked Diethard that much... he did too much Septaple crossing...
personally I never saw why he had to freak out like that anyway, shouldnt he be happy cause he wanted to get Lelouch's story? anyway point being, no being in the epilouge for him

"seriously man! don't FUCK with me! Im crazy!
Il poppa cap in ALL yo asses!"

Gino finally screws off, after getting too much screen time in a battle with Suzaku and were left with an immense cliff hanger for the final episode ... with the epic episode name of ...

RE ;

(the semicolen is what makes it epic)

episode 25 preview

Lots of flashbacks,
damn, if they have to tie up all the loose ends AND put in those flashbacks, its gonna be like 8 hours long

so what are my thoughts on this episode? I liked it, it had a decent battle, without resulting to the same things that the other battle episodes did:
Lelouch: behold my army!
Shneizel: behold my better army!
Lelouch: behold my strategy!
Shneizel: behold my better army!
Lelouch: shit... Suzaku?
Shneizel: behold my Kallen!
Kallen: hey remember when I was batshit insane, but they decided to drop that for no reason?
Suzaku: lolwut?
anyway, you get the picture


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