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My lucky star ova opinions

yup, you heard me right. I will now proceed to blog ... the MY lucky star film. A Korean made for TV drama turned 2003 movie :p

... ok kidding, Ive actually never watched it and never plan to (along with most people reading this probably)

So- the lucky star ova, as promised yesterday but I had to do stuff anyway.
First things first:

(take THAT page layout!)
(edit - take a look at the HTML if you want to know what I'm talking about)

this really made my weekend. it doesn't matter WHAT code geass does in its final episode, I'll be happy.
in terms of my thoughts before I watched it, I think that it felt sort of like one long episode of lucky star, but at the same time it felt like I was watching it as an ova. Instead of having many little skits like the show, it was free from that 4koma feel (mainly because it was an original script from what I know) each skit also felt a bit ... bigger ... and ... fuller ... and made me want to describe them in a more .... abstract... way (Im not very good at this >_<). So instead of going over the whole plot, I'll just give a super brief skim-over-summery, while highlighting some of the main parts that I enjoyed. at first we have a skit about Minami's dog, cherry. It seems like this skit was a large attempt to keep the series attached to the "slice of life" genre, which it did a decent job of. It had its emotional bits at the end with Minami getting sad over cherry - and dont get me wrong it was good, but Im just not a big fan of Minami... or anything Sakaki related (they're interchangeable! try it ^^)

best part of the skit... shame the rest of the
ova didnt have more Hiyori though

Next up, we have a skit about the mmorpg that konata and her teacher play. I enjoyed this MUCH more, considering A) moar konata is always good b) its an mmo ... heh...
We also get a surprise seeing as now tsukasa and kagami have decided to play it for some reason (for epic lulz... ours?) now I dont know if this mmo exists or not, but if so - I WANT IT!
they also slipped in some slight references to .hack (as one would expect in the mmo skit) as well as probably some other stuff which I may or may have not got. It was funny seeing tsukasa struggle because it reminded me of when I was a noob at mmos and had trouble with exact thing... infact this skit increased my likeing for tsukasa by about 200% ... mainly because of the character she played (kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
we have konata using a lot of mmo terms which I managed to keep up with, as would any self respecting gamer and at the end you just know that both tsukasa and kagami are NEVER going to play the game again.
One last question about this though: Konata's been playing for more then 3 years addict. Yet she only JUST reaches level 10 at this point, wheras her teacher reaches 15 in just ONE week... know what, never mind Il save that for the code geass finale, Im sure I'll need plenty of it.

Tsukasa's in my class castin' my spells

Next we get to kagami's ... really weird, possibly drug induced dream.
I though it was really funny due to its random-ness, and showed off something that the ova could do, but could not be done in 4 koma.
So what happens if you mix 4 parts kagami, 3 parts konata, 1 part magical girl and 1 part nagato-witch cosplay? ... this aparently. It really had everything ... and I mean EVERYTHING. At first I was curious as to why konata could do magic, but then I just ended up accepting it and realizing about half way through that it was a dream. Not much can be said for this, exept it seemed like the plot of a fanfic or game more then anything, but kagami's house on tractor treads with konata on to was just too awesome

but instead I'll show kagami cosplaying as
miku miku - cause thats equally awesome

Next, we have a crazy epic vollyball game, seiously if gym class was this exiting, I wouldnt have dropped it first chance I got. Sadly, as Im not really into sports anime, Im sure there was many references wasted on me.
It actually had a fair amount of character development for tsukasa, I thought, which was odd but welcome considering tsukasa never really... got her personality fleshed out that well.
I also found it odd that kagami was her class' biggest asset on the team. Since when did she even PLAY sports? oh well, from a skit that I expected to be konata vs kagami, it ended up being so much more.
Also, the jokes about misao being a side character were very warmly welcomed. I never cared for her (actually, I just had to wiki "lucky star characters" just to remember what her name was)
it seemed kind of overbord when tsukasa broke out in tears, but I geuss thats what they were going for. Now what kind of an otaku would I be if I questioned the writers of lucky star? ^o^

I know Im supposed to be gasping at this point
but sadly the only thing going through my mind was

The next car in this train of a badly writen, badly punctuated blog is about the hiking trip skit.
Now this had more stuff that I found to be generally out of bounds for a normal lucky star episode, seeing as it in itself had a mini plot, compleate with konata being outside for a reason other then school or buying anime goods (GASP!)
So here we have the 4 girls lost in the wilderness (yeah thats a weird one) I dono what the scenario writer was thinking, but it works. Its interesting to see what they all do in that case, Miyuki obviously taking charge of things, Tsukasa proving to know stuff about stars because she was born on tabanata (umm Tsukasa and Kagami are twins, right? so they were born on the same day, right? so how come Kagami doesnt know stuff about stars?) Kagami freaking out, and Konata making numerous anime references.
Upon returning, they're treated to a lecture by a surprisingly careing Nanako. As well as finding out that it was Miyuki retelling the whole thing to her mother.

I see right through that nostalgic expression

almost done here ... actually, know what? Im not gonna write about the next skit... TOO WEIRD
Im probably missing something, but it seemed like the writers were just watching some J-horror while reading Sgt. frog and doing lots of really strong crack.

no pic for joo!

and if its not evident that Im getting lazy, the last skit is pretty short, which is good, cause Im getting lazy (see above) but I did laugh at this last one, cause you knew it was going to happen.

though, instead of waiting, could he not have
just also been afk after opening his shop?

and finally the lucky channel


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